Why don’t I also get Naked Pictures from Ladies – Kwesi Arthur

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The most fast rising hip hop rapper Kwesi Arthur, has questioned himself why he doesn’t get Naked pictures from his female fans as many other male artist claim they do.

Kwesi Arthur in a question, Do ladies worry you a lot? The Rapper in an answer to this question state that he believes the female fans want to show him love as most of his male fans do.

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Kwesi Arthur However added that, In as much as those ladies show him love but doesnt get naked pictures from them and questioed himself of where he has passed whish is preventing him from getting those pictures. But i guess this is a blessing alone for him not to get those pictures.
In a recent interview with Kwesi Arthur, The Interviewer asked if he wants to be receiving Naked pictures from his Female Fans. but he answered no to this question.

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