“Atopa” Video of Ghanaian Actress hits the internet

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The release of nude pictures and videos has become to best way for some actress and actors to make themselves go viral on social media and the internet in general.
An “Atopa” video of a Ghanaian Actress is circulating on social media, the actress whose named is rumored to be Asikor in the video is seen being “hammered” by a black faceless guy whose name is also been rumored to be Kobi Rana on a table. Well we do not know for sure if it is a real “Atopa” video or not, it could be planned to hype the “dead movie carrier of the made mentioned” Actress to become popular in the Ghanaian movie industry.

For our terms and conditions, we are not allowed to show to some of the pictures here. We apologize for any inconvenience 

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