Patapaa Girlfriend sends warning to friends, Family members and Sabotagers of her relationship

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The one corner hit maker Patapaa, His girlfriend, Gabriella Kotey who is popularly known to as Queen Peezy in sends about a strong warning to the her family members, friend, all Caliber o people who has decide to be intruders of her relationship with Patapaa.

In a latest interview with Queen Peezy she disclosed that, Her relationship with Patapaa has not come to an end despite the latest confusion that happened in a just released video of Patapaa banging and kissing with a nice fleshy white woman. Queen Peezy warned Ghanaians to step out of her relationship matters as some of them are busily making fun of her and others thinking their relationship is over and those people should back off.
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In a chat Queen Peezy had with Zion Felix of, She sent her first warning to the members of her family who always Suggest that she Damps Patapaa because he is not the right man for her comparing their personal appearance and nature. Queen Peezy added added that, Her family members should concerned about her well being neither that talking abut her relationship because its non of their business. They should be concerned about her health and not her love.

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