Patapaa calls for the legalization of “weed”

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Patapaa the Agona Swedru based artiste has also called for the legalization of “weed” after there has been several calls on government to legalise marijuana popularly called “weed” by some high office persons like the late former UN secretary General Kofi Annan and reggae presenter Black Rasta.

The “one corner” hitmaker in an interview announced his love for another social media sensation “wee-fuor teacher” stated that “In France, when a citizen is busted holding a piece of weed he will be released, God is using Wee-Fuor Teacher as an empty vessel to broadcast how good weed is., if i may say it is not a big deal….” He also added that people smoke it to learn because it enhances their academic performance.

 The Pa2pa boss stated that:
“Yes weed is neither cocaine nor tramadol, people smoke weed to learn because it enhances academic performance”. He also advised the youth not to rush into marijuana smoking but should patiently wait for the right time when God shall call them into smoking. “Marijuana smoking is one of the callings of God and if God hasn’t called you to smoke, don’t do it until you are called by God”, Patapaa added.

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